Your "On-Line" purchases can benefit the Wild Horse Foundation

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Start giving today with your on-line purchases up to 26% of each purchase benefits us.

Start helping today, www.igive.com/wildhorsefoundation 

How iGive.com Works
Three Easy Steps

1.    Join iGive.com for FREE, Use the link above to automatically get you into the Wild Horse Foundation.

2.    Shop online at any of the 600+ stores in the Mall at iGive.com.  Youíll see all your favorites, including Landsí End, Barnes & Noble, Dell, Expedia, and JCPenney! 

3.    WILD HORSE FOUNDATION receives a check for up to 26% of each purchase!


Itís free, itís easy, and every purchase you make generates a donation to the Wild Horse Foundation.

www.iGive.com/wildhorsefoundation  and then join up, it free and its simple and the animals benefit from your shopping every month.


This means that everytime you shop on-line and make a purchase you can register through I-Give and we can receive a % percentage of the sale for our foundation in return we can continue to feed and care for the horses even more! Hundreds of places you already shop, hotels you already stay in, car rentals you use, restaurants you eat at,  the lists is long, they to all help many non-profit by returning a percentage of their sells to us and many more.


So please start today and make a difference!

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