Starting May 1, 2006, The Wild Horse Foundation will implement a new way for you the adopter to "Save a Wild Mustang or Burro"  

The NEW ADOPTION PROGRAM will allow you to take immediate ownership of your adopted wild horse or burro.

(We have had hundreds of request for our new adoption programs and we are sorry to say that the BLM can not follow these rules with congressional approval.  From coast to coast we are trying to implement private adoptions and are waiting for approval for wild horses and burros. This unfortunately takes time and red tape to be cut.  This new program encourages new adopters to want to adopt but makes to much sense for the bureaucrats)  


1. You must be pre-approved to adopt by meeting the Wild Horse Foundation REQUIREMENTS, complete the ADOPTION CONTRACT AND APPLICATION (click on the LINKS to open and print the documents). 

Mail to:  Wild Horse Foundation, P O Box 692, Franklin, Texas  77856

2. Once you have been pre-approved and fees processed, after six months we will refund your original adoption fee to you.  After one year from the date you have adopted, we will rebate you another fee equal to the adoption fee you previously paid.  Our NEW PROGRAM is called the “Matching Funds Program” as an incentive to help you the new adopter off set the costs for the care and maintenance of your newly adopted wild horse or burro. 

3. The adopter must agree to NEVER sell the wild horse or burro to any person known or unknown to them as a kill buyer.  

4. If at anytime the wild horse or burro is sold by the adopter and ends up at one of the slaughterhouse facilities said adopter agrees to pay a fee of $175.00 to the Wild Horse Foundation for retrieval from any 3 of the facilities located in the United States. 

5.  If you or any group wants to obtain large numbers of wild horses of burros, please notify the Wild Horse Foundation.  We continue to urge all Texas ranchers to continue to help the plight to protect our American Wild Mustangs. 

6.  The Wild Horse Foundation will offer free delivery up to 100 miles from the Wild Horse Foundation facility for any adopter. Delivery will be scheduled to maximize travel and fuel costs. 

7. Another important note, if you lease your pasture land, we will require the landowners written permission to enter the land and the land owner will be encouraged to contact us, if you are not properly taking care of your wild horses or burros. We will retrieve them immediately.

If you are not sure of the costs for maintaining any wild horse or burro, click on this link Horse Costs.

All wild horses and burros have current Coggins and shots prior to adoption.

We do not limit an adopter of the numbers of wild horses or burros they can adopt as long as they have appropriate grazing land and water supply for the horses. 

 The Wild Horse Foundation thanks you for your support.  To prevent wild horses or burros from going to slaughter please donate today. 

For more information please contact via email:

Ray Field, Executive Director, 

The BLM has been charged with protecting the wild horse and burros both on and off public lands.  Total number in holding facilities are estimated to be over 25,000 with 8,600 of these under the New Law of 2005 which means the BLM has been told by congress to find homes for these over the age of 10 wild horses of burros and or any wild horse of burro that has been up for adoption 3 times and has failed to be adopted, this means even little yearling or weanlings falls into this New Law.

Currently the BLM is asking for help through Ford as a corporate sponsor to help place some 8,600 of the unwanted over the age wild horses or burros.  Ford has raised and set aside $200,000.00 for 2,000 of these wild horse or burros to go to homes with Ford paying each adopter $100.00 per wild horse or burros they take into homes. 

If you are interested in this program and qualify, we can assist you with delivery to the Wild Horse Foundation where you can pick up your wild horses or burros.  You will own the wild horses or burros from the very moment you take possession; a free and clear title of ownership is presented. 

If you interested in this program please contact the Wild Horse Foundation today 979-828-3927.  




July 1, 2006

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